NICK'S SCI-FI CORNER - NSFC @ SDCC! The Renegade Panel from Dedham Television on Vimeo.

from Dedham Television on Vimeo.

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NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER – NSFC @ SDCC! The Renegade Panel

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015
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Dedham Television’s own, Nick Iandolo (sci-fi author and show producer), has released the latest episode of his quirky Sci-Fi comedy, news, and talk show NICK’S SCI-FI CORNER. Airing this month on Dedham TV and permanently on Vimeo/YouTube, Nick takes his show on the road to the end-all-be-all of pop-culture conventions: San Diego Comic-Con! In the first of several Comic-Con-themed episodes this latest one is called NSFC @ SDCC! The Renegade Panel.

And renegade it is!

Nick’s independent style and artistry, and honest hard core fandom was too unconventional even for Comic-Con! So in true renegade style Nick did his own panel just outside the San Diego Convention Center amidst all the wild happenings going on all around him!

He is joined by his two friends Daniel Thron and David Bryant who are LA/Hollywood filmmakers, VFX artists, writers, and actors. And together the three of them take on all kinds of pop-culture and entertainment industry issues great and small from the current challenges facing the VFX Industry and its artists, Indiewood v Hollywood films, what the beloved beast that San Diego Comic-Con has become, the New England film industry and its organizations such as the Rhode Island Film Collaborative, and firing up artists everywhere to get out there and be renegades themselves!

There’s also a tribute to a recently fallen Sci-Fi Hero, and glimpses of even more to come from Nick’s crazy adventures at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con!

So strap yourselves in; it’s time to go renegade!

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