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Dedham Television’s New Broadcast Venue For Musicians

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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Broadcast on DedhamTV, BrooklineTV, Needham TV, Wellesley TV, Vimeo, and YouTube with more stations broadcasting soon.

502 Sessions is Dedham Television‘s live music show, which features high-level musicians playing their original music. 502 Sessions welcomes many musical genres such as jazz, folk, bluegrass, classical; and sometimes a group blends many styles in one performance. “We’ve had a lot of great music, from some internationally recognized musicians, such as the Daniel Rotem Jazz Trio, with Rotem on tenor, Jared Henderson on bass and Roberto Giaqu into on drums; the Bluegrass Trio Ramsey Khudairi and Friends; Jacob McCaslin & The Jaywalkers, which was a five piece soul/funk/pop band; the Wayne Pearcy Jazz Quintet; the Red line Brass Quintet; and the 28+ piece chamber orchestra Unitas Ensemble, which premiered a new work from composer Nicholas Castaneda, who also performed on Colombian harp. I’ve got shows planned that feature jazz artists, some more bluegrass music, some vocal duos, solo pianists, and on and on. And, I’m really excited about hosting the Matt Savage Quartet for an upcoming show.”, says 502 Sessions creator and producer Brian Kerby.

The show is shot in High Definition video, with superb digital sound quality at Dedham TV’s wonderful new Studio and Media Engagement Center at 502 Sprague Street (the show’s namesake).

“The studio has been great to work with,” adds Kerby. “I feel like they’re behind this project 100%. I’ve gotten so much production help, advice, and encouragement from Dan Hallissey [Dedham TV’s Director of IT and Operations, and an award-winning videographer], and he runs a camera and gives me editing tips. Combine all that with the incredible support from Donna [Greer, Dedham TV’s Executive Director, and award-winning producer], along with exceptional work from Evan McNamara on camera and help with the set; it’s almost unbelievable.”

Musicians that do a show will get a not-for-resale copy of the show on DVD, and it will be broadcast on Dedham Television, the station’s website at www.dedhamtv.org, uploaded to the studio’s Vimeo Pro channel, and the 502 Sessions YouTube channel. The show will also be made available to any other stations that wish to broadcast it, if any group wants to get it played in their local areas.

The format varies somewhat from show to show but generally there is a brief introduction by Kerby, the individuals or groups perform, and there is an interview (and/or a Q&A) either in between tunes, or at the end of the show. Shows are edited to 55 minutes in length.

When asked about the concept for the show, Kerby explained “I wanted to do a show like this because one thing I think that is sometimes lacking in TV broadcast music is the sound quality…I’m really working hard to get the best sound possible for the groups. I take the music and production quality very seriously, but the conversations we have on the show aren’t always so serious. We have a lot of fun on the show, and I really am always excited to have these amazing groups perform!”

Brian Kerby is a versatile performer and instructor, who has been performing and teaching music for the past 24 years in a variety of settings. He has taught hundreds of students, both in private lessons and classroom instruction from elementary to university level. He has also directed ensembles from the elementary to university level.

For more information or to inquire regarding a possible appearance on a future episode of 502 Sessions, visit: www.502sessions.com or contact Brian Kerby directly at: 502sessions@gmail.com

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