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Oneness And Wellness Goes to Vietnam on a Journey of Healing!

Monday, March 17th, 2014
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Dot Walsh, Creator & Host of Dedham TV’s renown Good News Show, Oneness and Wellness, will embark on a journey to Vietnam on a mission of healing and remembrance to honor those who suffered and died (on both sides) during and after The Vietnam War.

In her own words she describes what this experience means to her, and what she hopes it will accomplish for the health and wellbeing of those who were deeply affected by this terrible conflict nearly thirty years ago and since.

“I was invited to join a tour of Vietnam organized by Veterans for Peace and led by veterans who have been working in the country on special humanitarian projects since the end of the war. I have been asked why are you going?

For me what is most important is to bring back a deeper understanding of the suffering and tragedy of war for both sides of this conflict. There is another way to live and it may not be brought about by politics and the power of the military but we can bring it about through the connections of ordinary people throughout the world who embrace the values of compassion, peaceful living, kindness and love. I do believe that women play an important role in bringing about the shift in consciousness and the change that we seek, a world without war.

I am aware that many of the American veterans from this war have had a difficult time returning with wounds, some seen and some unseen and finding their place in our society. Because my own background has brought me in contact with veterans who are still seeking recovery help I know that even with the passing of time some wounds have not healed.

We have the opportunity for Dan Hallissey, Dedham TV producer to join us for a few days to film interviews and bring back pictures and information of interest to the viewing audience. This will be aired through the “Oneness and Wellness” show.

I will be travelling with 16 other people, some veterans, professors, retired military and others who have a similar interest. My own travelling buddy Andrea has accompanied me on missions to Japan, Korea, Israel-Palestine and S, Africa. She has experienced her own personal tragedy with the loss of her husband on September 11 and has found her own path towards healing.

Our tour guides include Veterans: Chuck Searcy, Chuck Pallazzo, Suel Jones and others.

And our itinerary includes visits to:

  • Army Museum & “Ha Noi Hilton” where US pilots were held
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  • Friendship Village, a residence & hospital for Agent Orange (AO) victims—VNese vets and their children & grandchildren—which was established by American veteran George Mizo
  • Orphanage visit arranged by vet Don Blackburn
  • Project RENEW (land mine & unexploded ordinance clearance) with Director & vet Chuck Searcy
  • Tour DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) & Vinh Moc Tunnels—the tour includes many opportunities for discussion and briefings

I am hoping to talk with some veterans here in the greater Boston area and would appreciate connecting with anyone who might like to meet with me. I would respect each individual and not identify anyone unless it was requested.

In closing, I want to mention that we will also make inquiries into the missing American soldiers and prisoners of war while in Vietnam. I know that our own Dedham leader, Mrs. Marie-Louise Kehoe was responsible for getting the legislature to pass a bill allowing the MIA POW flags to fly in remembrance of these soldiers.”

—Dot Walsh

Please visit: OnenessAndWellness.com

Email Dot Walsh at: Dwalsh508@gmail.com

Call Dot Walsh: (617) 335-5408

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