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Oneness and Wellness Celebrates 50th Show on Dedham TV!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014
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The good news show (affectionately referred to by its hosts), more commonly known as Oneness and Wellness, produced and aired on Dedham Television, is about to reach a big milestone in its celebrated history: its 50th program!

Hosted by Dot Walsh (a Peace Chaplain and educator) and Marcia Reddington-Lawton RN (a registered nurse and a natural healing practitioner), the show focuses on good news stories about faith, hope, and love to all. Furthermore, each episode features a special guest who themselves are advocates for health and well-being. In fact, on Monday February 10th (i.e. Valentine’s Week), Oneness and Wellness will feature Kate Chadbourne as a special guest to the show. She is a singer, storyteller, and poet who also holds a Ph.D. in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University. Her music has been featured on NPR and other radio programs, and her appearance on Oneness and Wellness is going to be a welcomed joy for Dot and Marcia!

Oneness and Wellness also includes the much talked about and loved Wellness Roundtable discussion and closes with the positive affirmation of NAMASTE.

Dot and Marcia are always looking for new guests and new good news stories to appear on their show. If you have a great wellness topic you’d like them to cover please let them know. You can even send them YouTube videos!

Visit: OnenessandWellness.com to learn more about the show and to view past episodes. Also, contact Dot Walsh at: dwalsh508@gmail.com or call (617) 335-5408 for more info or if you’d like to be a part of the good news show!

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