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Wicked Awesome Super*owl Special

Sunday, February 10th, 2013
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Mike Kane and Phil Daré return for the first time in over a year to present the Superbowl 47 Recap exclusively on Dedham TV.

On February 3rd, the Ravens and 49ers squared off in arguably one of the more memorable Superbowls in the history of the NFL. After halftime, half of the on-feild lights stopped working due to a faulty piece of equipment that had reportedly been replaced to handle the extra power load that was needed to handle the influx of media, entertainment, and patronage that the Superbowl always brings to New Orleans, LA.

For the first half, an again during halftime, Greg Agnew joined the cast of characters as a special guest, handling the duties (at least for part of the time) of Phil Daré, who was busy finding a suit to wear in his walk-in luxury closet.

Joined by a live studio audience, Mike, Phil, and Greg broke down the game, added some hilarity, and discussed why next year’s Superbowl 48 might be more exciting if two teams with talent actually met on the same field.

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